Berks & Beyond Staffing
Employment in Berks County and Beyond


Yeah, we do staffing.
But that's just the start.

Need a temp? We can provide one. Full-time employee? No problem! And when you need better than average staffing, we offer what no one else does.

Staffing is not like McDonalds. So why do most staffing firms "take orders?" Your need to hire is not an order, it's work that has to be done, a role that has to be filled, a client that has to be served, and it's a result that must be achieved. We get it.

Don't tell anyone, but here's our secret. At Berks & Beyond, we start at the finish - by taking a hard look at what you want to accomplish.

Step 1: Long before we start recruiting, we'll take the time to tour your facilities. We'll look at the work that needs to be done, the work environment, and of course, your expectations. We'll put a lot of time in to make sure we really understand what it will take to guarantee an effective hire.

Step 2: We're tough, but fair, in how we assess people. By asking LOTS of questions, conducting skills tests, and checking backgrounds and references, we get a much deeper understanding of the people we represent. That's why we're always confident that the people we refer will be a great fit.

Step 3: We're strict (ok, a little obsessive) about following up and checking in with you to find out if every employee is meeting your needs and satisfying your expectations. And if they're not, we want to know.

A staffing firm that's responsive...and accountable?
You could say responsiveness and accountability are really important to us. That would be putting it mildly. We monitor our performance; we measure our results; and we even offer a four-hour guarantee on our employees. So, if someone isn't working out, just let us know within the first four hours, and we'll replace that person - free of charge.

Sorry, no ballerinas,
but here are the people we can provide:

  • Office/Clerical
  • Light Industrial
  • Accounting/Finance
  • Engineering
  • Human Resources
  • Management
  • Agricultural
  • Skilled Trades
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